Glass Floats

We love glass fishing floats! Here are some fast facts to fill your mind about these wonderful floats... 

Glass fishing floats or Japanese glass fishing floats were once used by fishermen in many parts of the world to keep their fishing nets, as well as longlines or droplines afloat. 

Large groups of fishnets strung together, sometimes 50 miles long were set adrift in the ocean and supported near the surface by hollow glass balls or cylinders containing air to give them buoyancy. These glass floats are no longer being used by fishermen, but many of them are still afloat in the world's oceans, primarily the Pacific. They have become popular collectors item for beachcombers and decorators. 

Perhaps one day you may find one laying in sand along the oceans shore! 

If you don't have the patience to wait, you can also come into Sea Hags and pick up a few vintage ones to call your very own. 

Information collected on Wikipedia